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A quick note about economics...

In order to compete in SK, you will need to master *both* the racing model and the economic model. Let's discuss the economic model:

Currencies: there are 2 separate currencies. SK's and Aces. SK's are the more normal form of currency, and are used to purchase everything from karts to gas. You earn SK's from competition; both from individual races or heats and from the awards at the end of the race meet. Aces are a different form; you earn Aces in 2 primary ways - from the daily Aces meets and by passing rivals.

    • Suggestion - ALWAYS race the daily Aces meet. Even if you do poorly, you have a pretty good chance of earning some aces!

Aces can be converted to SK's, but SK's can not be converted to Aces. Conversion is done at the SK Bank (gold '+' sign at upper left in most screens). The exchange rate varies, so wait unti you get a good one! Anything better than 13SK to 1 Ace is pretty good; it goes almost all the way to 14-1.

However, Aces are used exclusively to buy a few things. Some apparel requires Aces to purchase, upgrading your mechanics uses Aces, and significantly; purchasing special tires and gas uses Aces. You will typically get an 'offer' to purchase those after you pass a rival during the course of a championship.

    • Suggestion - always keep a balance of Aces on hand so that you can take advantage of these offers when they occur.

Keep in mind that a typical race heat can generate or diminish your SK's. You will earn more from victory, but that may be hard at first. At the end of each race meet, additional SK's are distributed. Finishing high in a meet can generate significant rewards. However, the need to buy gas, tires, and most importantly service can make participating in a heat actually be a loss. Thus in most cases 'grinding' doesn't work well. You will eventually want to race each meet once with good results. Of course this will be difficult at first, so her are some suggestions to get started:

1. Race the daily Aces meet everyday. Even doing poorly will generate Aces in most cases.
2. Consider carefully which races you participate in. In the early stages of your career, you might want to skip the longer ('extended') races as they use up more gas. tires, and service. Unless you do reasonably well, you might be losing economically here.
3. On the other hand, you should consider entering as many of the shorter races as you can. Even if you come out with a slight loss at the end of the heat, he additional rewards at the end of the meet should put you ahead. But race as few heats as possible (1 would be ideal) - this will keep your costs low.
4. Occasionally you may find a race that is both short and winnable for you. In those cases you can 'grind' (race repeatedly) for economic gain. BUT...
5. Don't forget to service your kart and engine! Be very careful about getting 'behind the power curve' where your kart is so worn you can't race it, but you don't have enough SK's to repair it!! A badly worn kart and engine can easily run 1,000 or more SK to service, even in Cadets. Stay on top of your maintenace!
6. As mentioned above, try to keep a balance of Aces available so you can take advantage of special offers.

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